Monthly Preaching Schedule

May 2015

Every Sunday morning worship starts at 10:30am

Monthly Theme

“ Press On!”

Sunday,  May 3rd

Sermon Title: God Never Fails

Responsive Reading:  Acts 27:1-14

Scripture Reading:  Acts 27:14-25

 Sunday, 10th (Mother’s Day)

Sermon Title:  A Mother’s Move

Responsive Reading:  Exodus 2:1-9

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 15:21-28

Sunday, May 17th

Sermon Title: Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Responsive Reading:  Nehemiah 4:1-15

Scripture Reading:  Philippians 3:1-14

Sunday, May 24th

Sermon Title:  Standing Firm In the Midst of Suffering

Responsive Reading:  John 16:25-33

Scripture Reading:  I Peter 5:6-10

 Sunday, May 31st (Missionary Sunday)

Guest Preacher:  Elder Anita Lawrence,Associate Minister

                                St. Stephen Baptist Church

Responsive Reading:  Acts 8:1-12

Scripture Reading:  Acts 18:1-11