Monthly Preaching Schedule

June 2015

Monthly Theme

“ The Goodness & Godliness of Being Tactful!”

Sunday, June 7th

Women’s Day Service

Guest Preacher:  Rev. Jasmine Bowden-Price

Responsive Reading:  Proverbs 31:10-31

Scripture Reading:  Judges 4:1-9

Sunday, June 14th

Sermon Title:  Divine Diplomacy

Responsive Reading:  Genesis 41:14-32

Scripture Reading:  Genesis 41:33-43

Sunday, June 21st

Sermon Title: Dispensable Destruction

Responsive Reading:  II Samuel 2:1-7

Scripture Reading:  II Samuel 2:8-17

 Sunday, June 28th

Sermon Title:  This Is How You Do It!   

Responsive Reading:  Ruth 1:1-16

Scripture Reading:  Ruth 2:1-15

Every Sunday morning worship starts at 10:30am